Different Types of Coconut

How to Open a Coconut

Scraping a Coconut

Squeezing Out Coconut Milk

Coconut Fun Facts

Two images, first a coconut shell used as a bowl, second coconut shell holding foil-wrapped chocolate eggs

Coconut shells are used as utensils, cups, bowls, bottles, lamps, buckles, and ornaments.

First image two coconut halves with flask of oil, second image packaged wipes and small bottles of coconut oil-based products

Oil pressed from copra (dried meat of the coconut) are used in soaps, cosmetics, and hair oil.

First image bowl made from weaved coconut frond with coconut pieces inside, second image close-up of coconut frond

Coconut leaves are used for making mats, baskets, hats, brooms, fans, and thatching.