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As an Associate Professor and Dietetics Program Director, I love connecting with people around food. I enjoy engaging with students, community and others to improve food systems to make it easier for all to eat foods that support health and wellbeing.

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Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
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I am the Director of the EFNEP and SNAP-Ed programs. What I love about this job is that it connects people and gives them nutrition information and food skills in a fun way that they can relate to.  It also connects programs that support people so we can all work together to make Hawai’i an even better place.

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I am the SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator. What got me interested in the SNAP-Ed position was I had experience being on SNAP myself and I saw the benefits of using the program and maximizing the benefits. I was able to take advantage of a Double Bux-type program that got me interested in trying different produce, so I got really excited about seeing this position at UH. I was in California so this job brought me back home which was good to get more involved with food and nutrition.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
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I am the EFNEP Coordinator. What I enjoy the most from this position is that we share nutrition knowledge and skills that will help families improve their health and well-being. I love hearing stories from former participants sharing positive things they’ve done after their classes. It shows that our program has made a difference to them and their families.

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Aloha! I’m the Special Projects Coordinator for SNAP-Ed. I love this job because I love to help people! That’s the first priority for me. Previously, I was the wellness coordinator for a DOE school and I also love developing and running projects, so the combination of helping people, wellness, and running projects fits perfectly with this Special Projects position. In addition, I thrive on the enthusiasm from agencies and participants when they are happy with the projects offered. That's why I’m here and loving it!

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
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I'm the Special Projects Coordinator for EFNEP. I have always been interested in the health field and know that public health interventions that encourage communities to make healthier choices can be really impactful in preventing/managing chronic illnesses. What I enjoy about this job is that it involves working on different projects with various organizations. There are always new collaborations to be had and new things to learn in this work that I find really meaningful.

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I first worked here when I was a student at Manoa for 4 to 5 years, and once this staff position opened I wanted to be part of this program again. I saw firsthand how hard our team members worked and the great impacts they had in our community. I truly enjoy working with our team and taking part in making our communities healthier.

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
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I am EFNEP admin support. After 18 years working at a highly stressful, fast paced, and unrewarding corporate job, I decided I needed a change. I was thinking I would start at UH and move up the “corporate ladder”, but once I got to this department, I saw the impact and good we did in the community and wanted to stay. I love the people I work with, love and believe in our programs, and love helping others learn how to be more healthy. It may get stressful and fast paced sometimes, but this job is truly rewarding.