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Hawaiʻi—Food and Lifeskills for Youth (HI-FLY)

The SNAP-Ed Hawaiʻi - Food and Lifeskills for Youth (HI-FLY) program engages youth grades 6-12 in healthy eating and active living behaviors to provide the foundation and skills necessary to live a long healthful life. The HI-FLY series is made up of six classes: Safe Food Handling, A Food Guide, Vegetables and Fruits, Rethink Your Drink/Label Reading, Move More Everyday, and Meals at Home. Classes include hands on activities and food demonstrations relevant to youth participants in Hawaiʻi.


Proper food handling and cooking are the best ways to keep us from becoming sick from bacteria in foods.

Build a healthy plate

We eat different parts of plants

Choosing healthy beverages is a great first step to an overall healthy diet.

What kinds of physical activity do you like?

Basic kitchen tools

For more information, please contact:

SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator

(808) 956-4124