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Our mission is to provide the public with information on the nutritional content of foods and recipes that are unique to Hawaiʻi. We hope that this can serve as a resource for you to learn more about foods and recipes from the many cultural and ethnic groups that call Hawaiʻi home.

Disclaimer: General and reliable food and nutrient information is provided on this website to help you make healthier choices. The website is not intended to meet the specific needs of people with special diet requirements, who should consult with a credentialed nutrition expert and/or licensed healthcare professional.

Recipe Collections

How do I use the collections tool?

On any recipe or food page, click on the black button “Add to collections”. Indicate which collection you would like to add that recipe to. Use the default “My Collection” or create others. The black button will change to “See my collections” – click on it to visit the collections page. 

Your personal collections are temporarily stored on this page. Click on “Add Pre-made Collections” to add collections created by Hawaiʻi Foods. Click into any of your collections to see your recipes. You can organize each collection into different groups. This is useful for meal planning (by day of week, meal of day, or any other organization scheme). You may change serving sizes as well. 

Click on the shopping cart icon to generate a shopping list. Select which groups or which items from groups you would like, then click on “generate shopping list” to get an itemized shopping list. You may edit the list as needed. You may share this as a link or print it out. The shopping list only works for recipes.

Saving your collections

If you delete your cookies or history you may lose any saved collections, groups, recipes/foods, or shopping lists. We recommend you print to PDF or print a hardcopy.

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