Sweet Potato


Sweet Potato Fun Facts

First image close up of immature leaves sprouting from sweet potato, second image close up of cut and whole sweet potatoes

Sweet potato probably originated in South America but it was grown in the Pacific before western exploration. Sweet potato belongs to the plant family Ipomoea (morning glory) - the same family as kang kong (ong choy).

sweet potatoes in foreground, yams in background, for sale at a market

Sweet potatoes and yams are NOT the same thing. Botanically they are different.

Cross section view of four cut sweet potatoes, off-white, orange, purple, and light orange

Its starchy roots come in lots of different colors.

First image, hang holding sweet potato with sweet potato leave sin background, second image cooked and seasoned sweet potato leaves

It's leaves are edible. Harvest sweet potato tips and use in any recipe that calls for greens.